CNC 2 Axis Direct Drive Rotary Tilting Table

There is no mechanical reduction mechanism such as a worm system in a rotary table with a DD motor. DD (Direct Drive) motor is built in the rotary table to drive directly. The compact two-axis direct drive rotary table enables rapid acceleration/deceleration and high-speed rotation. Its biggest advantage is the super high speed up to 2000 rpm. Thus, it can work as a mill/turn component. As a result of the lack of a mechanical reduction mechanism, the driving torque of the rotary table is not strong. It is necessary to choose an application for the rotary table with a DD motor.

A high torque motor drives the direct drive rotary table directly. There is no backlash or abrasion generated during rotation because it is not driven by worms and gears. Typically, these rotary tables are used in applications requiring high accelerations and decelerations, such as blade machining. For high-speed drilling centers with very important indexing times, a two-axis direct drive rotary table is an excellent choice.

  • Indexing at 90 degrees:
    Rotary axis indexing: Within 20 seconds
    Tilting axis indexing: Within 30 seconds


  1. It can work as a mill/turn component
  2. Dynamic Performance
  3. Higher Acceleration / Deceleration
  4. The super high speed of the rotary axis: 2000 rpm
  5. Zero Backlash & No abrasion
  6. Direct Measurement for Precision Positioning
  7. Long-lasting high precision
    (The actual precision depends on the selected angle encoder)