The Features of Auto Pallet Changer

  • Easy Installation: The pallet change device is directly mounted on the base. Easy to install and save space.
  • Flexible Production: Available to equip with several high accuracy tables to meet small lot high efficiency flexible production requirements.
  • Great Loading Capacity: Use a servo motor or hydraulic gear to do the transmission. Thus, the workpiece has a high load-bearing capacity.
  • High Repeatability: Employs high precision conical positioning blocks and powerful hydraulic clamping to ensure the table's stability and repeatability within 0.01mm.
  • Good Positioning: The positioning cone has the function of air blast for chip removal and airtight testing.
  • Long Life: All electrical parts are imported from Japan/Germany for performance confidence.
  • More choice: 1 degree or 0.001-degree increment are optional for customers' different request.