Why choose TJR

TJR Value Added Features

Table rotation rate
  • Speed reduction ratio: 1/60
  • Table max. rpm: 83.3
  • Speed reduction ratio: 1/120
  • Table max. rpm: 33.3

High table speed, high efficiency

The equivalent of AR-125
  • Speed reduction ratio: 1/90
  • Table max. rpm: 55.5
The equivalent of HR-255
  • Speed reduction ration: 1/180
  • Table max. rpm: 22.2
After service-support in China Experienced after-service technicians located in China provide prompt services. Lacking local after-service supports
Water Resistance Watertight by all rims sealed with O-ring

Protect class: IP65
Manually smear connections with waterproof glue
  • Durable finish with delicate texture
  • All TJR rotary tables are processed with putty treatment and baking varnish
  • will never become an old one in a short time because of paint peeling off
  • The paint will peel off after months
  • Only one layer painting
Diameter of Table central hole Large bore is the TJR standard for the entire product line Large bore is an optional extra

The unique selling point of TJR worm gear

The worm gear material Made in Japan, High tensile brass with Japanese unique formula.
Its strength is better than ferroalloy.
Aluminum Bronze (ALBC3/ALBC1) or Phosphor Bronze (PBC2PBC3)
Abrasion resistance The abrasion resistance of High tensile brass:
25.1 mg/cm2 per 10,000m
Its estimated wear life is 2.6 times longer than that of Aluminum Bronze
The abrasion resistance of Aluminum Bronze:
65.7mg/cm2 per 10,000m
Wear Life Normally 10 years of longer At most 4 years

The advantage of TJR spindle bearing

Company A Company B
Radial-axial preloading bearing Taper roller bearing Cross roller bearing
Can bear heavy cutting in the horizontal and verticaldirections Can bear less heavy cutting Can only bear light cutting
  • Dynamic load: High
  • Superior to the others in static rigidity; high durability for heavy cutting
  • Dynamic load: Medium
  • Only for Light cutting
  • Superior to cross roller bearing in rigidity; but not enough durability for heavy cutting
  • Dynamic load: Low
  • Only for Light cutting
  • Some manufacturers employ such bearings only for certain premium priced products.
  • TJR employs such bearings for the entire product line.

Advanced inspection facilities

2-Dimension coordinate measuring machine Yes
3-Dimension coordinate measuring machine Yes

Fully utilized to test all kind of precision and runout
Laser interferometer and rotary axis calibrator Yes

Every TJR rotary table needs to pass the test by the laser angular position measurement system before shipment
Some companies only use normal optical auto-collimators or height gauge collocating with fixture to test.

High performance braking mechanism

Method Use the full circumference braking and clamping mechanism. The braking mechanism is designed with full 360∘circumference hydraulic clamping.
  • The hydraulic clamping synchronized clamping for the entire table. The clamping area on the entire circumference of the table features maximum rigidity and is ideal for heavy cutting application.
  • The clamping force is bigger than of conventional disk braking systems.
  • The mechanism is close to the worktable, exhibiting reduced deviation during cutting
Use the conventional disk braking systems.
  • Table deformation and accuracy deterioration usually occurs on disk braking systems.
  • Only suitable for light-cutting with its low rigidity.
  • It provides less clamping area and longer distance from the cutting position, causing bigger deviation of table.