TJR roller gear cam rotary table through precise adjustment of preloading and design with rolling contact, each needle bearing is tightly fitted with the camshaft surface to achieve zero backlashes, low wear, high rigidity, and high precision.

Besides, with rolling contact to transmit kinetic energy, energy consumption during the drive can be reduced. This enables the roller gear cam rotary table to achieve no heat generation by gear wearing and over 90% of transmission efficiency.

The Features of Roller Gear Cam Rotary Table

  1. Zero Backlash
  2. Wear-free Durability
  3. High Productivity:
    due to lower speed reduction ratio
  4. High Torque Capacity
  5. Low Maintenance
  6. No Heat Generation by Gear Wear

Preload + Rolling Contact Achieves Zero-backlash and Long Life

Shock Resistant and High-performance Cam Followers