TJR DDM Rotary Table / Torque Motor Rotary Table Manufacturer

TJR provides torque motor rotary tables with excellent acceleration and deceleration capabilities. Our torque motor rotary tables are zero-backlash, extremely rigid, wear-free durability, have high dynamic accuracy, are suitable for a wide range of automated production machining.

Features of TJR Torque Motor Rotary Table:

  1. Extremely high rotation speeds with high acceleration and deceleration.
  2. Compact size
  3. Zero backlash
  4. Wear-free durability (No mechanical reduction mechanism)
  5. High rigidity due to a consolidated main body
  6. High dynamic accuracy ensured by high-end European optical encode
  7. Can be a mill-turn component
  8. Low maintenance
  9. Thermal detection as a standard feature
  10. Quickly remove chips
  11. Green Energy (Noise-reducing, free from oil waste).